The Black Rose

She is the biggest 25' boat I've ever seen.  The cabin will keep four of you dry and warm.  The seating in the cockpit moves around, so that you can face any direction you want; you can be in the lee of the cabin for the ride out (no wind or splash)...while fishing, you can sit and fish or stand and rest.  It's quite awesome.  With a transom-mounted engine, you can easily fight a fish without getting stuck.  The bow is a comfortable place to cast, jig, or get sun.  While drifting, I've had people laying on the roof! I love this boat!

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What to Expect

Black Rose Fishing IS Rich Antonino.  I learned that years ago when I tried to have someone run my boat.  People are here because of me and the 100% I give to you.  I LOVE taking you fishing.  We start our offshore trips early, usually planning on leaving the pier about 30 minutes before sunrise.  Trips are normally 8-9 hours long, sometimes longer.  We laugh; we have fun.  I have excellent gear for any type of fishing that we may do.  This is all I do; with my network of other captains, we all try hard to put you on the best bite possible.  You won't find me "mailing one in" for the day.  I want repeat customers!

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Quick list of fish we catch

Bluefin tuna, blue shark, mako shark, thresher shark, porbeagle shark, striped bass, bluefish, cod, haddock, pollock, white hake, cusk, redfish, whiting, mackerel, herring, halibut, porgy(scup), black sea bass, fluke, trigger fish, white marlin, mahi mahi, sea robins, barrelfish, lizard fish, puffer fish, cunner, tautog, spiny dogfish, smooth dogfish, sculpin, monk fish, sea raven, bonito, flounder, wolf fish...Hmmm, probably more, but that's a good showing that we are not just out there targeting one species.  What do you want to catch?

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Our Season:

We start running charters on April 15 for haddock out of Green Harbor...  In May, we add porgy charters in Buzzards Bay.  In late May, we add black sea bass charters and striped bass charters.  In June, we see bluefin tuna arrive as well as sharks.  By July, we are still fishing for EVERYTHING and the sharks are in full force.  By August we are fishing for EVERYTHING (minus porgy, sea bass stop at the end of August).  September has us focusing on tuna and sharks.  October is a great tuna month as well as pollock.  November is also great for tuna, pollock, and haddock (a last chance to fill the freezer).  By December we are ready for winter (or a last chance at tuna, pollock, or haddock.)


Booking Trips.

Call me or text me at 508-269-1882.  I don't keep an online calendar, so  let's chat.  If you're trying to get on a shared charter (open boat), take a look at my Facebook page as I often list shared charter openings there.  Also, I will build a shared charter around YOUR schedule if you are interested.  Facebook is a great place for you to meet other anglers on my boat, to share my boat; share rides.