I love talking fishing.  Especially in the offseason.  I live for fishing.  Let's get out there!

I get seasick...hmmm

You're on a boat.  Lots of seasickness is avoidable by not being hungover.  Some people are prone to feeling bad, though.  My best advice is to get "the patch"--scopalamine...It's prescription from your doctor.  Otherwise, take dramamine the night before and an hour before the trip.  Stay hydrated.

Do you always catch fish?

Of course not.  But here's how I look at it...Tuna fishing...you might go all day and see nothing.  YOU'RE TUNA FISHING!  It happens.  Scup fishing during the spring run?  Yes, you WILL CATCH FISH.  Haddock fishing?  YOU WILL CATCH FISH.  Shark fishing?  I'm confident that you will catch shark.  100%?  Of course not, but damn near.  How much action do you NEED?  If you need constant action, but go tuna fishing, then maybe it's not the best match.  If you want constant action, but get disappointed because you're just catching haddock, etc....that's how it works.  It's why I like talking ahead of time to see that how our expectations can be best met.  I can usually put you in the best scenario for a great time on the water.

Do I need a license?

No.  My charter license covers you.

What about fishing tackle?

We provide all gear necessary for every trip.  If you want to bring your own gear, you are more than welcome.

Can I keep a giant tuna?

Due to commercial regulations, the boat keeps giant tuna and sells them.

Is it customary to tip the mate/Captain?

Yes. It is typical to tip 15-20%

Do you fillet fish on board?

Yes, fish are filleted typically as they are caught and iced down in a cooler til the end of the trip.  I keep a 250 qt YETI on the boat with ice for your catch.  We can put A LOT of fish in that!  I fillet, rinse, bag, and ice your fish to give you the best fillets possible.

What if I drop your rod off of the boat?

Hmmm... unfortunately you are responsible for that.

What should we bring?

Sunglasses.  Food and drink (I normally have plenty of waters on the boat).  Keep a cooler in your car for the fish.  Dress in layers, especially in the spring and fall.

How early should we get there?

If I say we're leaving at 4:30 am.....I'll have the boat at the dock ready for you to board, get ready, say hi, and pull off of the pier at 4:30...  If you're late because the coffee shop opens at 5:00... I like my coffee dark and sweet.  If you brought your own gear, that's the time to get it ready as it's tough to do so at 30 mph...