Random Thoughts

Really, I could talk all day....  I get thinking in the winter what I can do on the boat and it's a downward spiral.  The last couple of years I have a flip flop on the "what's my best day on the water" thought...  Tuna does come to mind...Is it the crazy run+gun, looking for busting fish?  Is it the Wicked Tuna style of fishing with the big rods, looking for giant tuna... One is 100% adrenaline.  The other is 100% anticipation....I love them both.  The good thing about giant tuna fishing is that you can do it in much worse weather because you're just drifting.  It's good to have options.

Instagram and SnapChat

I will be doing more on these media this moving forward.  With this media, if I say "I need two people for tomorrow", it may be your best way to find out quickly.  So, keep following me.  When the bite is hot, you want to know that you can get on a boat!