Run and Gun Tuna

We have specialized in "light" tackle fishing for tuna for almost 15 years.  This is the most exciting style of fishing on Earth.  We use spinning and jigging gear to target tuna from 50-400#+.  When say "light" tackle, don't be fooled.  It's made for these beasts and we provide all of the gear for you.  Our season runs from June-December.  This is fishery is the best place in the world to catch a tuna on spinning gear.

Trip cost is $1,500

Shark Fishing

Talk about fun?  You want big fish.  You want lots of action.  Think sharks.  We commonly catch 8-25+ sharks on a trip.  We target makos, threshers, porbeagles, and blue sharks on our trips.  Our gear is strong, but small enough for kids to fight sharks.  Memories for a lifetime. In 2016 we came in second in the North Atlantic Monster Shark Tourney with a 383# porbeagle shark...In 2017 we won the tourney with a 360# thresher....  In 2019 we got the largest shark (413# porbeagle) and came in second overall.  We have a blast; we do well.

Trip cost is $1,500


Haddock.  Cod.  Pollock.  Huge Whiting.  FISH FOR THE DINNER TABLE AND FREEZER!  The action is great; they are easy to catch.  We usually see whales on these trips and even rookies can bend a rod all day.  We often catch sharks on these trips.  Semper Paratus.  April and May gives us the best action in shallow water, using really light tackle.  Awesome is all we can say.  Our action starts in April and goes until December.

Trip cost is $1,200

Squid Fishing

Yes, I tasted the joy of what makes squid fishing a blast and I like the flavor.  It's a super short season.  Basically, from the last week in April through the first week of May.  We leave out of Bass River and run 15 minutes to the squid shoals.  We anchor up; fish, and come home.  You flip your squid into the boat and into your bucket at your feet.   And repeat.   Be ready to take home squid.  Delicious when they are this fresh.   I'll take 6 people on these trips.

The cost is $700.  Five hour trip

Black Fish(Tautog) and Cunner

Eating a pile of cunner one day, I said "wow, these are amazing tasting".  Yes, cunner, bergall, choggie, perch...whatever you call them.  We have them in great, unmolested numbers.  So I got thinking, why not do tautog trips as well?  So, here we go.  It's game time!

Trip cost is $850 (6 hours), $1,100 (8 hours)

Fluke Fishing

Fluke fishing is one of my favorite trips.  Most of it is very basic, fun, "being a kid again" fishing.  They're delicious.  The numbers of fish off of Cape Cod is amazing.  We fish anywhere from 10-60 miles out.

We can often combine fluke with stripers/blues/sea bass.  If we go to Nantucket Shoals, south of the island, it's a journey to one of the best "big fish" locations where the monsters live.

Trip cost is $1,100(up to 25 miles), $1,200 (25-35 miles) - $1,600 (shoals)

Giant Tuna Fishing

Ok, this is the trip of a lifetime for many people.  We target giant tuna heavy tackle and live bait.  This is the ultimate "go big or go home" fishery.  Seeing the big rod double over and hearing the drag scream is something that you will never forget.   Sometimes, the fish are in areas where we can anchor and fish for haddock or other ground fish.

Cost $1,500

Porgy (Scup) and Sea Bass

High limits and easy fishing on half-day trips in May and June in 20' of water.. We fish famous Buzzards Bay as well as Nantucket Sound.  We have short runs to the fish and shallow waters.  Our sea bass fishing is legendary, with 4-6# fish regularly on jigs with our light tackle.  It is so much fun.  Guys like to fish an afternoon trip, stay over, then fish a morning trip for two limits!  Great local lodging options.

Cost of trip is $650 (4.5 hours), $850 (6 hours), $1,100 (8 hours)  1-4 people.  $50/person above 4.


Stripers and Bluefish

Fishing.  Pure fishing fun.  We have some of the best striper fishing from the end of May thru July...Most fish are 15#+ and mainly catch and release after our limits are easily reached.  Bluefish are a blast on light tackle as well..though not the best for the table (unless you smoke them), pound for pound they fight harder than most other fish (plus, they make great bait for sharks and tuna).  WE DON'T TROLL.  You get to use spinning gear, jigging gear, or even live bait.  But you  won't sit there watching a rod while we drive around hoping for a bite.

Cost of trip is $1,100(8 hrs), $850 (6 hours), $650 (4.5 hours)

Mackerel and Whiting Trips

Why not?  There is no answer.  Why?  Here is why.  Over the past several years, the number of mackerel on Stellwagen Bank and elsewhere has been mindblowing.  We can catch as much as possible in a day.  One day, I had a father and son fill my 250 qt Yeti cooler with headless/gutted mackerel.  FILLED IT!  Two people.  If you want to fill coolers with mackerel, I won't ask any questions.  Fish away!

Whiting?  This is another underappreciated fish in our waters whose numbers have really taken off.  There are many days that their numbers far outdo the numbers of haddock that we are targeting.  We often have to move to find fewer whiting!  Some of these are slobs, too.  The biggest we ever caught was over 30" long.  If you have memories of catching them in the surf in the winter or going on a party boat for them, give me a call and we can recreate those experiences.

Cost: $1,200

Watch some Videos on YouTube

I've been putting videos online for years.  I love it.  I remember so much of my life via these clips.  I hope you enjoy.

I have put a lot of videos on FACEBOOK

YES.  I use Facebook as my "what just happened" site.  I post a lot there, so I have a ton of recent videos there that you won't find anywhere else.  Check them out.  Like me on Facebook.  Friend me.  I often post open dates there as well as spots on shared charters.  (some people call them open boats, but basically it's a way for you to fish without booking the whole boat).