2021 Pre-Season Thoughts

Forget about about 2020.  It was awful.  I am glad I got Covid.  I feel like that whole world is in the rear view mirror.  More importantly, I am glad I GOT A NEW BOAT FOR 2021!!   It is a great feeling to hang a brand new 300 HP 4-stroke Suzuki on the bracket of a 25′ Parker (used boat, but hardly any hours).   By April, I will have all new seating in the cabin.  I will always compare the Black Rose to the Old Black Rose….I loved that boat.  That cabin seating was good–I will improve this greatly with better seating, a larger cabin, and more access to the cuddy below.  I have kept the cabin door in place and the ride is sooo quiet with the door shut.  It’s an impressive set up.

In the cockpit, the engine is on a bracket, so there is a nice dance floor to move around on while fishing.  After 17 years, I think I’ll retire the old swing-back chair.  That was great to sit on; to fish from….   But I think that keeping the 250 quart YETI cooler is a better option…  I asked Brian Woods in Kingston (781-771-9358) to build me a backrest for the cooler.  That’ll be awesome—with a cushion and backrest, three people will be able to sit on the cooler during travel or during fishing.  You will be impressed with his work.  He created a new bowrail for the boat that blows away the one on the old Black Rose.  He also fabricated a rocket launcher with ten rod holders and a gin-pole for my block-and-tackle for hoisting big fish out of the water.

So basically, I had the old Black Rose…a 25′ C-Hawk and now I have the new Black Rose, a 25′ Parker.  I think that the new boat is superior in every conceivable way.  Think about that.  It looks very much like the old boat; same general design.. But…it’s the little details.  The cabin height is about 6″ higher, so no more hitting head on ceiling.  The door is still working and in place, so we have a very quiet, warmer ride.  Oh yeah, in the cockpit, I have a second steering station, so I can be right in the mix of things while driving the boat when you have a tuna or shark on the line.

So, yes, 2021 will be a rebirth for me and my business.  I have loved the past 17 seasons on the Black Rose with you guys; the next bunch of years will be great as well.   My fishing gear is in great shape for 2021…  I have seen some of the newer models that Okuma has designed and I am excited.  Their rod selection over the past several years has changed the way we fish up here.  My favorite combo has to be the Komodo 364P (Power handle) and PCH 7’6″ M rod.  It’s really light, but strong enough to cast a 10oz jig and fish in 250′ of water for pollock….(or fight shark if we desire)….