Scup or Porgy?

Buzzards Bay fishing at it’s finest.  Make your annual trip plans and get ready.  I really don’t care what you call them.  It’s the same fish that make you feel like a kid again.   Why?  Because the limit on them is 50 fish per person in May and June (30 after that) and you feel pretty certain that you’re going to catch your limit when you fish in Buzzards Bay.  On a half-day trip.  The action is that fast on most occasions.  For their size, they fight great.  It’s just fun fishing.   We get plenty of double-headers and laughs all around.  It’s so good that many people book back-to-back dates to get the most out of their trip up here.

As Captain on these trips, I bring you to the fish and drop anchor.  I then spend the rest of the day cutting bait for you.  You keep what you catch for porgy; the limit is 50 per person everyone understands that you are taking these fish home whole.  Fishing on anchor is easy–the fish come to us (chum bucket) and holding bottom is easy.  In my perfect world, you are using light tackle and a one ounce sinker with a two-way rig above it.  If you’re waiting 30 seconds for a bite, you have no bait.  It’s incredible.

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My boat is great for this, with lots of room everywhere to fish.  You can stand, sit on a seat, or even fish on the bow.  The bow is incredible for two people to sit and fish.  Or even stand and fish (hell, we cast for tuna from up there!)  We also catch Black sea bass(in season), fluke, blackfish, striped bass, bluefish, sea robins, and sharks.   Smooth dogfish are delicious and we have seen them well over 10#.  We typically fill up buckets of fish, then transfer them into a massive yeti cooler with ice.  It’s the best way to keep an idea of the overall number of fish kept.

Digital Camera

We start on May first fishing for porgy out of Mattapoisett.  This is one of the best, closest ramps for people making their trip up from New York, New Jersey, and beyond.  There is good local lodging for people hoping to fish for porgies over two days.  Give me a call or text at 508-269-1882