A little more about Black Rose Fishing Charters

I have specialized in running small charters since 2004.  Yes, 2018 is my 15th year of running charters.  Fishing is all I do.  If you’ve seen me, I work as hard as I can.  I used to have a slip in Green Harbor, but I have been trailering my boat for the past several years and it works out great for my customers and the fish we target.

Why small charters?

Well, for the customers.  They don’t have to get 6 guys as they would on a bigger boat.  I feel like the group that comes with 4 or fewer guys is more apt to like my approach.  I have gone offshore with 16 rods before, for four guys.  Why?  Well, what if?  What if my customers say “we want haddock”.  I’ll have haddock gear.  I think “What if?  What if we see tuna breaking; I want to have rods ready for them to throw lures at the tuna.”  I think “What if we crush the haddock and we then decide to go fishing for stripers on the ride home?”  Sometimes, in the summer, “What if the sharks are around and they would like to fish for sharks?”  Some people take for granted the fishery that we have…”What if they booked me for haddock, and then they saw guys at the pier in the morning ready for giant tuna?  I want to be able to offer that to them as well.  These are my guys!!!  With a fast boat and willing Captain, this is possible, as long as you’re prepared.  And I am!

Plus, I like to talk; to listen.  I spent 10 years as a financial advisor listening to people tell me stories of their lives and of their dreams.  It’s no different for a captain, I think.  I really enjoy getting to know my customers.  A lot of my business is repeat customers.  Watching my videos, I love seeing guys through the years.  I love seeing your kids grow up.

With small charters, I see a lot of grandfather/son/grandson trips… These are great.  Passing the torch.  It doesn’t happen enough.  Here is a video that I made of my father, myself, and my son….  These are special trips.

Why Trailer The Boat?

Marshfield, Plymouth, Sandwich, Sesuit, Orleans, Chatham, South Yarmouth, Falmouth, Buzzards Bay, Onset, Mattapoisett, Fairhaven, New Bedford, and Newport.  Are these enough reasons?  There are times when chasing tuna, especially, that some harbors give me a better chance at putting you in front of the fish of a lifetime.  Additionally, there are seasons and areas that shine for certain species.  Guys love fishing for porgies in May and June.  It’s one of the best inshore meat trips you can do.  The area is Buzzards Bay.  It’s world famous.  I take guys there.  The next day, however, I may be fishing for haddock, so I launch 30 miles away so that we have an easy run to the fishing grounds.  Some days we have people who want to fish for haddock, but it’s too windy to get offshore and they say “is there anything else?”  Yes! We can fish Buzzards Bay for sea bass.  It’s nice having a plan B so that your fishing plans can still take place.

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