Shark Fishing This Summer

I see the photos on my phone; on my website, and a bent rod brings back good memories.  In my 17 years of running charters, one common request is “can we catch something big?”  Of course we can.  I look at shark fishing as a great means to many ends:  catching a predictable big fish.  (there are days where we catch 20+ sharks)…  It’s also a way to add a little more excitement to groundfishing…fishing for haddock all day is fun; the fish are delicious…but they are in the 5# range… Reeling in a haddock and the rod doubles over; the line rips off…shark on!  I like that for the guys.   With edible, sharks, such as porbeagle, mako, and thresher sharks…we are able to put some amazing fish in your freezer (and it last a while in there as well.)  And they get big.

What else do you want?  It’s windy, cold, rainy, and it’s still April 1.  I’m not that poetic right now…feeling like winter is almost over and another season is about to begin.  With shark fishing, it gets started in late June and goes into October.  I love shark fishing in the summer..on a hot, summer day, there is nothing quite like shark fishing to bring people together.  We leave out of Green Harbor, Mattapoisett, or South Yarmouth.  It’s all good!   June is mostly booked and we are looking for July and August for your summer fishing plans.