Thoughts about the New Black Rose Boat

It’s 2022…My first year was 2004 and I had the same hull until the end of 2020.  So I got used to her.  I got used to the size, the shape, the way she handled waves, and how she drifted.  I’m not one for change.  I don’t like change.  I don’t want to say “I made due” with the CHawk.   She was an awesome boat and I was treated very well by how she performed for me.  She was perfect for how I ran my charters.

Now, it’s been a full year that I have been running the 25′ Parker.  It runs a lot smoother than the old boat.  I can count on one hand the number of times she really pounded badly and jolted me or my customers.   That is awesome.  I kept the cabin door on it’s hinges and was able to use it all year.  It made the engine, a brand new 300hp Suzuki 4 stroke, really quiet.   That made for a relaxing ride out there every day.

Ok, the ride is slower now.  Instead of averaging about 30 mph when cruising, I’m keeping it around 27 mph.  That’s still plenty fast and there is much more room in the cabin.  I can still sit 4 people inside the cabin plus myself.

I added a padded backrest to the 250 quart YETI, so I have a full box of ice and comfortable, moveable, chair to travel upon and fish from.  And store all of your catch.

For fighting tuna and big sharks, the new boat has a second steering station in the cockpit.  That makes moving the boat a joy during a stressful battle.  For holding rods, I have nearly 20 rod holders on the boat and will be adding two more in the springtime.

I got this boat because I figured that I could run it in the same fashion as the old Black Rose.   I was right in that thinking.  For inshore fishing (just squid and porgy(scup)), I’ll take up to 6 people now.   I’ve got those fisheries under control from a logistics standpoint, so those numbers work here and will for you.  They are fun quick trips with lots of action.

I look forward to taking you all fishing in 2022.  Sincerely, Capt Rich Antonino, 508-269-1882